The Vibro-pile is a driven cast-in-situ pile, which is very competitive to the precast concrete-pile in the larger dimensions. The Vibro-pile offers an advantage, as the construction time is not at the mercy of possible prefabrication and curing time. Even the design needs little preparation. When a design is being changed, pile quantities as well as lengths and diameters can be adapted fairly easily. Vibro-piles are especially suitable when hard layers need to be penetrated and/ or when soil conditions lead to a variety of pile toe levels. In combination with a pre-stressed concrete core with high tension, a system such as Vibro-combi-pile is especially suitable. Amongst other applications are the construction of floors which are subject to driving stress like tunnels, basements, etc. As well as tension/ pressure piles in water or extremely soft compressible layers.

The TERR-ECON-PILE can be executed in three varieties:

TERR-ECON-DRILLING-PILES (soil displacing, vibration free cast-in-situ piles)

Terracon has drilling tables available with a high torque moment. In combination with vertical pull-down on the drilling case, piles can be placed vibration free and soil displaced. Even in high resistant layers high bearing capacity can be realised. Due to the “top-drive” drill table, piles can be drilled quickly, efficiently and ECONomically.

TERRA-COMBI-PILES (anti-negative skin friction)

Terracon has developed a method to neutralise, for the most part, the possible appearance of negative skin friction alongside the pile shaft. The Terra-combi-pile consists of a precast core which is being covered with grout down to layers contributing positive skin friction. Whereas in layers where negative skin friction appears, bentonite is the lubricant to reduce this negative skin friction. Because a high net bearing ability is being reached, an economical solution is possible. This system can be drilled in place and is vibration free as well.

TERRA-CONCRETE-WALL (drilled, cast-in-situ concrete wall)

ph_hsl4bThe Terra-concrete-wall is a cast-in-situ concrete wall, by which two hollow steel panels are used with a right-angled cross-section, which serve as a temporary casing. The Terra-concrete-wall can be applied as permanent retaining wall for basements, tunnels, underground parking garages, depots for contaminated and/ or aggressive soils, manure depots, liquid reservoirs, deep construction of roads and railways, as well as lost excavated building-site limitation (instead of a steel diaphragm wall). The wall can function in the construction as a lost outside formwork of a concrete-wall or as possible formwork for sprayed concrete or brickwork.

Terracon can also take care of the complete supply and installation of:

TERRA-SON-DRILLING-PILES (screwed piles with precast core)

Terracon has developed in co-operation with Beton Son B.V. a vibration free and for the most part cast-in-situ pile. It consists of a vibration free placed precast pile, which is covered with mortar down to the positive skin friction contributed layers. The pile shaft produced with a high quality concrete (B55) is utilised optimally, is economical, qualitative eminent and is an eco-friendly foundation system. Due to high pre-stress the pile is extremely suitable as a tension pile.

MV-TENSION PILES (steel piles with mortar/ grout)

Terracon has specialised itself in manufacturing tension piles with high bearing capacity which can be applied to power pylons, foundation of embankment walls, docks, floors subject to driving stress, wind mills- and transmitter mast foundations, etc. For this purpose tubes or steel profiles are covered with mortar during drilling (or boring). Bearing capacities of 500 kN to 2500 kN have been realised. For steel tube masts (such as advertisement masts, transmitter masts etc.) steel tube pipes with a diameter up to 2200 mm can be offered.


Terracon possesses a range of very modern equipment including:


In order to discuss and explain the possibilities in detail, we will be happy to make an appointment with you. With our experience and engineering, we are in the position to offer you a qualitative, well-thought out and economically attractive solution.